By Michigan farmer Patti Walcott CC photo by Mike Things rarely turn out as planned. It’s life. Sometimes it’s better than planned; sometimes not. It’s life. I never planned on marrying a farmer. Why would anyone intend to do that: unpredictable schedule, unpredictable income, work, work, work? The simple answer is love and devotion, the

By Michigan farmer Ashley Messing-Kennedy CC photo by avrenim-acceber   I feel like this is the way my conversations go with friends:   Friend: Hey Ashley, do you want to do something this weekend? Let’s go to the spa. Me: Yeah, I think I can make that work. What time were you thinking? Friend: What

By Michigan farmer Lindsay Green CC Photo by Steve Johnson What the heck is ‘ish’? Well it is the term my husband and I have coined to go along with the general lack of punctuality we tend to have. It is not because we are disorganized, or disrespectful, it is just a part of life

Why I’m on the radio

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 by

By Michigan reporter Nicole Heslip CC photo by Renee Johnson   “What’s with the little bull figurine?” I asked about the big fat Holstein bull, boy parts and all, sitting in the windowsill of my in-laws’ kitchen. While they do have a beautiful garden in the summertime, they are not what I would call modern

By Michigan farmer Melanie Block It has come to my attention that many people think I’m crazy. Not in the “crazy cat lady” or “commit her to a hospital crazy” sense, but in a “why does she work so much?” crazy. Let me take a few minutes to explain to you today why the people

Why I get up at 5 am

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By Michigan farmer Barbara Siemen CC photo by malloreigh I am a stay at home mom, so technically I don’t have a job. I don’t have to make my way through traffic, punch a time clock, and worry about calling in sick, or taking vacation days. I also don’t do any chores on our farm.

By Michigan farmer Maria Brown I spent the last semester of my college career studying and interning in Washington, D.C. It was an eye-opening experience for this girl who’d spent most of her 18 years in Michigan’s Thumb. Staring out the window from my 22nd floor apartment in one of the Virginian suburbs, I penned

Why I Farm: To provide milk for my family and yours By Michigan farmer Carla Wardin CC photo by DanceofLifeImageMiner    We woke up on a Saturday morning to a really snowy day.  I divided our last drops of 2% milk between the three boys so that their cereal was almost wet.   “Can I

By Michigan farmer Stacy Bettinghouse Even though the weather hasn’t reflected it, spring is on its way! With the changing season, schedules get busier. Personally, I am already planning for events in May and June! With activities really ramping up, I have even less time to cook for myself. Plus, since I am typically only

By Michigan farmer Kathy Siler There’s something about a snowed-in weekend in the country that lends itself to cozy pursuits like cuddling under a fluffy quilt with a good book — a steaming pot of tea nearby. Or exploring new recipes, then puttering in the kitchen; filling our old farmhouse with enticing aromas of something