When I wrote the 5 Myths About Farmers, some friends told me they did know an uncle or someone (old) who actually did wear overalls.  This was foreign to me.  I honestly have never seen someone in overalls on a real, working farm.  (I’ve seen coveralls, but to me that’s different.) So I started looking

By Kailey Sweers Your favorite fuzzy fruit has its very own month! Yes, August is National Peach Month. There is no doubt that August is prime peach time, but how does one celebrate such a “peachy” occasion? With food, of course! After all, Ronald Reagan started this fruity holiday in celebration of peaches’ role in helping

CC photo by danbruell Fresh fruits and vegetables come in many forms this time of year.  Bright in color, rich in flavor, I love summertime in Michigan!  The best part, anywhere you go, you can find something Michigan grown!  We have it all with more than 300 commodities in our state, eating local and fresh

Guest blog by: Allison Stuby Michigan offers some of the richest food experiences. This fall, there are a variety of events that showcase the best food of the state. With the high diversity of Michigan agricultural crops, there are many opportunities to partake in culinary tourism experiences that celebrate the “Flavors of Pure Michigan.” As

In Michigan, blueberry season is something I look forward to. Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. Honestly, there is not an easier fruit to freeze and use all year around. Did you know that Michigan leads the United States in blueberry production growing 30 different varieties? These blueberries are grown, harvested and processed by

My eyes lit up when I recently discovered a recipe for Honey Cheesecake, but as I gathered the ingredients I remembered that our honey supply has been severely depleted. Just one, half-full, quart jar of crystalized goodness is all that remains from last season when I helped a local beekeeper care for his hives and

CC photo by VanZandt On Michigan State University’s campus, there are 40 hidden acres.  Throughout the school year, you might find students tossing a Frisbee out there, even though they call it golfing.  The third full week in July however, disc golfers will have to find a new field.  Michigan agriculture sets up shop and hosts the state’s

By Michigan reporter Nicole Heslip Most folks have never been on a farm.  Those that have been to a modern farm in the last 20 years are even fewer.  Now is your chance!  For the last six years, 26 Michigan farms have opened their doors to invite the public for tours, including my own. Three events

Michigan food hubs

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The days of not knowing where your food comes from are coming to an end as food hubs alleviate the quagmires of supply and demand, and connect farmers’ produce with consumers’ needs. Today’s food hubs assist with aggregating, distributing, storing and marketing food products at centralized locations so farmers can sell in bulk to restaurants,

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CC photo by Mike Summer is a great time to try new things, grilling fruits and vegetables could be a fantastic way to start! If you need ideas for celebrating the warm weather, harvesting fruit, spicing up your meals or impressing your neighbors, family, and friends; we have some grilling tips to share with you.