Information re-purposed from June 19, 2015, “See Ya Later, Trans Fats: FDA Sets Deadline” article on Best Food Facts website The Food and Drug Administration recently finalized a plan to remove trans fats from the U.S. food supply. Best Food Facts Registered Dietitian Sarah Downs breaks down this ruling and what it means for the food

My name is Addison Walstra and I’m from Fruitport, Mich. I attend Grand Valley State University and am enrolled in the pre-chiropractic program to later give care to both humans and animals. I was brought up on a small hobby farm riding horses, raising chickens, rabbits, and pigs, and learning how to show any farm

When you think of a farmer, what is the image that first comes to mind? For most people they think of a man with bib overalls on and rubber boots. However, many women are extremely involved in the world of agriculture, and are on the rise in continuing to take positions in different agriculture-related jobs.

June is Dairy Month! This is a great time to remember all the farmers out in their fields right now. They are working hard to grow and harvest crops to feed their cattle and provide healthy and nutritious dairy products for their families and yours. On my family’s farm, we feed our cattle “haylage” as

With June being the month of many graduations and open houses, you may be traveling to see family and friends for these special occasions. At these celebrations or during long drives, most of us like to have some kind of music playing to pass the time or to start a friendly conversation. Some young Kansas

June holds a very special spot in my heart. Yes – it happens to be the month my birthday is in, but more excitingly it is Dairy Month! This promotion encourages dairy farmers to share personal stories about dairy farms. My most memorable moment on the dairy farm was when my grandma and grandpa gave

When you hear “FFA,” previously known as Future Farmers of America, do you think that FFA is only for farm kids and only about farming? My parents are not farmers but my brothers and I are FFA members. Why? FFA is teaching way more than agriculture – it is teaching leadership and other important life skills.

About a week ago, I was invited to attend the Pasture to Plate Tour, sponsored by Michigan Ag Council, Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, United Soybean Board, and Michigan Beef Industry Commission. Our tour was truly a pasture to plate experience; we started at a farm, went to a feedlot, a meat processing and packaging plant,

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside of those long, wide barns that you see when you’re driving past a dairy farm? Well, I’m here to give you a view of what they look like on my farm, Sandy Ridge Dairy. On our farm, as on many other modern dairy farms, we use

Protein is the big buzzword in food and nutrition, and it should be! Protein gives you the control you need to take on the day and make the right food choices – all day. However, most Americans don’t get enough protein, or consume almost all of (about two-thirds) their daily protein at dinner. A growing