At the start of the New Year, everyone is optimist about their goals, ready to make big changes and start the year off right. Now that we are a few weeks into 2015, are you still as enthusiastic, or have you already given up? Statistics show that the #1 resolution is to lose weight, and

From the Farmer: Ag Clubs

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Have you ever been overwhelmed with the amount of options for organizations to join in your community? There are sports clubs, drama organizations, churches, and quilting clubs to name a few. The agriculture industry is no exception to this. There are many different organizations to cover all areas from 4-H and FFA to AFA (Agriculture

When I was 11 I learned the hard way about eminent domain. The State wanted to build a connection between two other highways. To do this they would need to reroute our road…right through our living room. This would not be convenient to do math homework. So the state bought our land and we moved

Just two years ago, I walked down the aisle to the love of my life and the start of new beginnings.  While every couple is different, we are celebrating our anniversary with what very well could be our tradition for years to come.  Anniversary celebrations in the Heslip house include a home cooked meal, candlelight

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I purchased a dozen little peepers from Tractor Supply Company. We have always desired to raise responsible, humble, and hard-working young people so we thought to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, we need to put some responsibility on their shoulders. Just a

I call it the ‘gardening glut.’ There’s an overabundance of one crop from the garden and too few ideas on what to do with it. This year, one of the first things to test my creativity was Swiss Chard. I planted a diminutive row in early May. It sprouted quickly and has been lush and

1. Feed.   What do you feed a cow? You feed a cow … feed. You don’t say, ‘cow food’, like you say ‘dog food.’ It’s ‘cattle feed.’ Our cows are on pasture, but we also feed them a supplemental feed. (See what I did there? I can’t get away from it.) We chop up

When I wrote the 5 Myths About Farmers, some friends told me they did know an uncle or someone (old) who actually did wear overalls.  This was foreign to me.  I honestly have never seen someone in overalls on a real, working farm.  (I’ve seen coveralls, but to me that’s different.) So I started looking

By Kailey Sweers Your favorite fuzzy fruit has its very own month! Yes, August is National Peach Month. There is no doubt that August is prime peach time, but how does one celebrate such a “peachy” occasion? With food, of course! After all, Ronald Reagan started this fruity holiday in celebration of peaches’ role in helping

CC photo by danbruell Fresh fruits and vegetables come in many forms this time of year.  Bright in color, rich in flavor, I love summertime in Michigan!  The best part, anywhere you go, you can find something Michigan grown!  We have it all with more than 300 commodities in our state, eating local and fresh