Anybody who may think life is automatic should enjoy one day on a farm…or even just one afternoon. Every day is different on our dairy farm. I was reflecting on this recently, and thinking about how each event really dictates what we do next. Hope It all started on what seemed a normal, routine afternoon

It’s that time of year! County fair time! All over Michigan, counties are counting down the days until fair dates. With preparing animals, finishing records, and many other fair festivities, we sometimes forget to wash off our muddy boots, change our clothes, or wash our hands before spreading germs. Pigs have immune systems very similar

A trip to the farmers market is a unique experience each and every time. Unique simply because every farmers market is different, with its own personality. Unique because the vendors and their offerings change throughout the growing season. Oh, and then there are year around farmers markets, too. Part shopping, part social event, a farmers

Michigan farmers grow a lot of potatoes. I mean A LOT. I admit to being biased, but Michigan potatoes are simply the best. We have excellent growing conditions for potatoes in our northern, temperate climate and especially in sandy-loam soil that drains well. We love this land and are building up the nutrients in the

Everyone has that one friend who seems to have a temper, or when they have a bad day, you better watch out. Farmers have those cows too, and that’s why we treat our cows with respect and care, and not as pets. Farmers care for their cattle and treat them well, because they’re our livelihood,

It’s that time of the year when we celebrate our country’s freedom by turning on the grill and cooking some grub. My husband and I love to grill. It is easy and the food turns out oh-so-good. If you aren’t an experienced griller I will share some of my favorite tips for grilling season! Do

Information re-purposed from June 19, 2015, “See Ya Later, Trans Fats: FDA Sets Deadline” article on Best Food Facts website The Food and Drug Administration recently finalized a plan to remove trans fats from the U.S. food supply. Best Food Facts Registered Dietitian Sarah Downs breaks down this ruling and what it means for the food

My name is Addison Walstra and I’m from Fruitport, Mich. I attend Grand Valley State University and am enrolled in the pre-chiropractic program to later give care to both humans and animals. I was brought up on a small hobby farm riding horses, raising chickens, rabbits, and pigs, and learning how to show any farm

When you think of a farmer, what is the image that first comes to mind? For most people they think of a man with bib overalls on and rubber boots. However, many women are extremely involved in the world of agriculture, and are on the rise in continuing to take positions in different agriculture-related jobs.

June is Dairy Month! This is a great time to remember all the farmers out in their fields right now. They are working hard to grow and harvest crops to feed their cattle and provide healthy and nutritious dairy products for their families and yours. On my family’s farm, we feed our cattle “haylage” as