The snow is here and it’s time to get those snowmobiles out and running! There are a lot of safety rules when it comes to snowmobiling. Proper clothing, checking your snowmobile, navigation and knowing the laws are all important things before riding. Proper clothing to stay warm is very important to protect yourself against hypothermia.

It’s 6:30 a.m. on a Friday. Normally I would still be happily sleeping in my bed at home. Today, I have already taken a taxi ride, been on a train, a shuttle bus and finally a plane. I have been away from my family and farm since Tuesday night. My husband drove me to Lexington,

I’ve often been told that FFA members are not your average kids. I used to wonder why people said that, but the more I get involved with FFA, the more I see it for myself. Here are 15 signs you’re an FFA member! When you think of the phrase, “Sea of blue” you don’t think

Do you associate all things pumpkin with the fall season? And then peppermint can only be enjoyed in conjunction with Christmas? Now that it’s Valentine’s season, we should be moving onto all things hearts and flowers, right? WRONG! I’m not a traditionalist when it comes to putting a time limit on good food. And besides

When you think of military veterans, words like peaceful, calm, and tranquil are probably not the first words that come to mind. Many veterans struggle with mental and physical disabilities that most will never know about. We are all involved with the military in some manner; it may be a brother or sister or friend

Yes, I’m one of those moms who dilutes my daughter’s juice with water, hides candy in the cupboard and reads nutrition labels in the grocery store. My family and I are also proud sugarbeet growers. Does this makes sense? If I grow it, why would I want to limit my family’s sugar intake? Does that

It’s the busy fall season here in the country. Harvest equipment can be seen all around the fields of Ravenna. The Vogel Harvesters are bringing in the cucumbers to make pickles at Swanson Pickle Company, and combines are running around the clock, harvesting corn and soybeans. A different type of harvest happens in schools this

Anybody who may think life is automatic should enjoy one day on a farm…or even just one afternoon. Every day is different on our dairy farm. I was reflecting on this recently, and thinking about how each event really dictates what we do next. Hope It all started on what seemed a normal, routine afternoon

It’s that time of year! County fair time! All over Michigan, counties are counting down the days until fair dates. With preparing animals, finishing records, and many other fair festivities, we sometimes forget to wash off our muddy boots, change our clothes, or wash our hands before spreading germs. Pigs have immune systems very similar

A trip to the farmers market is a unique experience each and every time. Unique simply because every farmers market is different, with its own personality. Unique because the vendors and their offerings change throughout the growing season. Oh, and then there are year around farmers markets, too. Part shopping, part social event, a farmers