When you hear “FFA,” previously known as Future Farmers of America, do you think that FFA is only for farm kids and only about farming? My parents are not farmers but my brothers and I are FFA members. Why? FFA is teaching way more than agriculture – it is teaching leadership and other important life skills.

About a week ago, I was invited to attend the Pasture to Plate Tour, sponsored by Michigan Ag Council, Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, United Soybean Board, and Michigan Beef Industry Commission. Our tour was truly a pasture to plate experience; we started at a farm, went to a feedlot, a meat processing and packaging plant,

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside of those long, wide barns that you see when you’re driving past a dairy farm? Well, I’m here to give you a view of what they look like on my farm, Sandy Ridge Dairy. On our farm, as on many other modern dairy farms, we use

Protein is the big buzzword in food and nutrition, and it should be! Protein gives you the control you need to take on the day and make the right food choices – all day. However, most Americans don’t get enough protein, or consume almost all of (about two-thirds) their daily protein at dinner. A growing

May is National Beef Month, and we are celebrating by firing up our grill! Grilling is a favorite spring and summer pastime that brings together family and friends to make new memories while enjoying delicious food. From flavorful beef kabobs and steaks to fresh fruits and vegetables—everything tastes better on the grill. Whatever the occasion,

Do you ever think if farmers care about the environment, their animals, or even their products? As a farmer myself, I can promise you, we do. Dairy farmers across the world share a passion of providing safe, wholesome foods, as well as giving TLC to the animals. The life of farming is not just a

Michigan is finally starting to warm up and farmers are getting to work. As some crops are coming out of dormancy and greening up, Michigan vineyards are showing signs of a tough winter. Primary bud loss to some viniferous varieties like Rieslings may have a 30 to 60 percent loss in areas. Two years in

At the end of March I was able to shadow a milk hauler from my area for the day, and what an experience! Our day started off at 6 a.m., with the first pick-up just before 8 a.m. We had a total of nine farms to visit that morning, and when we finally finished picking

When it comes to comfort, everyone needs it to do their best. We need to be in a comfortable environment and situation so we can give our all. For example, if you are about to play in a game or a competition, then you need to be comfortable and not nervous or scared so you

What do you think about when you read, “dairy farms?” Do you think about the cows, the barns and milk? Do you think about farmers and green pastures? All farms are unique, so let me introduce you to what I’m familiar with: On my family’s farm, our cattle graze on pasture from April to November.