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Michigan produces more than one billion pounds of sugar each year.

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Start out fresh this year with recipes to meet your healthy goals!

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Get to know Michigan farmers who care for animals, the environment and communities

Michigan agriculture is a part of our lives every day. The energy we use, the fiber we wear and the food we enjoy are products of hardworking farm families across the nation and right here in Michigan. Our fridges, freezers and pantries are filled with food grown, raised and processed in our great state.

Celebrate the wealth and diversity of Michigan agriculture as you browse our recipes and learn more about foods and commodities produced by Michigan farmers, who take exceptional care of their land, animals and community to provide safe food for Michigan and beyond.

Michigan agriculture

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Learn about the economic impact and diversity of Michigan agriculture. Find out which foods Michigan leads the nation in producing, and discover how agriculture touches us every day.

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Meet a Michigan farm family and enjoy breakfast and a farm tour in your neighborhood. Breakfast on the Farm events are free, fun and kid-friendly. Find one near you!



BBQ Chicken Pizza

My favorite chicken recipes are listed on my website, Farm Barbie, but I’ve been intrigued to make a chicken pizza at home for a long time now. This seemed like the perfect time to try a new recipe and share it! This recipe is a mash-up of several different recipes I found. From Michigan Farmer: Barbara Siemen ...

Featured Recipes

  • Black Bean Brownies

    A healthy life is not a diet, it’s something you can maintain through committing to a few simple changes. Try these black bean brownies from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog that are seriously SO good, ...
  • Baked Asian Chicken Thighs

    Tender, juicy and delicious, chicken thighs don’t get the attention they deserve! Remedy the situation by trying this tasty Asian-inspired baked dish. Thank you Kraft, for sharing this recipe....
  • Waldorf Chicken Salad

    Thanks to myrecipes, we are able to share this delicious chopped apple salad. Add Michigan chicken and grapes to this classic salad to make it a hearty main dish....

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